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Full Body Tan - £17
Half Body - £10
Spray Tan Parties
(5 people including host £15 each)
hostess receives tan for free!

Top up (within week of tan) - £10
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Spray Tan

Spray Tanning is a safe and healthy way to get a natural looking tan.  You can look sun kissed all year long rain or shine without having to worry about the weather.

The range that I spray with is 'Sunless Solutions', which is a professional tanning solution.  It comes in a number of shades to suit all skin types and I am fully trained to recommend the correct lotion for your skin, rest assured there will be no shades of 'orange'!

Sunless Solutions is fast becoming a favourite with the girls from The Only Way is Essex, in fact I have sprayed Gemma with it myself!

TOWIE's Gemma

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning involves applying an active ingredient, DHA to the skin using a specialist spray tanning machine.  DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is an ingredient derived from sugar cane, which reacts with the amino acids in the skin to create a tan.

What Will Happen During My Tan?

During the spray tan you will be sprayed with a solution containing the above ingredients and also a colour guide. The bronzer in the solution will start to activate after approximately 2 hours.  Full results will then develop over the next 10 hours. The colour guide will then wash off in the shower leaving you with a natural tan

Is Spray Tanning Safe?

Yes completely.  You can have a great looking tan without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays.  DHA has been approved for use within the beauty industry for the past 30 years. No adverse reactions have been reported other than minor skin irritations on people with sensitive skin.  It is recommended as the only safe way to tan by Bodies such as Skin Cancer organizations and Dermatology Associations.

How Long Will The Tan Last?

Depending on the preparation that is followed before hand, your daily skin regime and life-style anywhere between 7-10 days. The tan will fade just as a natural tan does.

For best results you must MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE to maximise the life of the tan.

What Should I Wear During My Tan?

Dark underwear is the most suitable, either a thong, knickers and bra, bikini, whatever you are comfortable in.  I can provide a disposable thong.

What do I need to do to prepare for my tan?

Before and after care is crucial to make the most of your tan:

Before your Tan

  • Exfoliate on the week leading up to your tan
  • Get your skin really moisturised in the run up to your tan, moisturising at every given opportunity, if the skin is dry this will affect the result
  • Do NOT moisturise on the day of your tan, this will act as a barrier
  • Do not wear deodorant
  • Do not wax or shave on the day you come in for your tan, as you will have open follicles which could lead to infection, it is best to wax/shave 48 hours before if possible
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and remove all jewellery

After Your Tan

  • Do not shower or bathe for at least 8 hours whilst your tan develops
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water as this will cause the tan to fade much quicker
  • After showering pat dry, do not rub
  • Showering or bathing for long periods of time will cause the tan to fade much quicker
  • Moisturise regularly to keep the skin soft and help prolong the tan
  • Avoid touching the tan as it develop