What is Airbrush Make Up and its benefits?

Airbrush Wedding Make Up

As we enter into the busy ‘Wedding Season’, I am getting more and more enquiries about wedding make up trials.

I offer both an airbrush and traditional make up service but whilst we all know about traditional make up application, many people still do not know much about airbrush and its benefits!

So here we are:  What is airbrush make up? What are its advantages?

Airbrush is a make up technique where a fine mist of foundation is sprayed through a compressor.  Traditional brushes are not used as the airbrush will gently cover the skin.  Airbrush is water resistant and will not come off with any tears or sweat!

Airbrushing a product atomises it, breaking the particles down to tiny beads,  The technique used ensures that the feel of the make up is light weight and gives a flawless natural complexion.

It is ideal for brides as the make up looks natural and makes it perfect for photographers to capture the bridal radiance.  The fine application enhances the skin, giving a glow rather than completely masking the skin.  This allows for a dewy natural finish which can be built up if necessary.

Airbrushing minimises the touching of skin with brushes which reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Skin conditions such as rosacea and vitiligo can be covered by airbrush make up as can small tattoos.

Airbrush makeup covers and lasts ALL DAY LONG! One application is all it takes to have a beautiful face for your wedding, prom, or any special occasion.

Airbrush make up is the only make suitable for HD TV & Film.  Airbrush make up will stay on your skin until you take it off!!

Why not try it and see how it works for you?