The Secret Diary Of A Mobile Beautician Part II (World Cup Widow)

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"It's Coming Home, It's Coming Home, It's Coming, Football's Coming Home...."

"Vindaloo na na na, Vindaloo na na na...."

"You've got to hold and give, But do it at the right time, You can be slow or fast, But you must get to the line, They'll always hit you and hurt you, Defend and attack, There's only one way to beat them, Get round the back, Catch me if you can, 'Cause I'm the England man, And what you're looking at, Is the master plan, We ain't no hooligans, This ain't a football song, Three lions on my chest, I know we can't go wrong...

"We're playing for England {In-ger-land}"

The Brazilian World Cup 2014 Samba fever is only a matter of days away and I think I can honestly say this will be up there with one of the most colourful, vibrant sights the world is likely to see, with the ambience to match - the Brazilians sure know how to throw a party/carnival! and that's even before the main spectacle starts of "The Most Beautiful Game On Earth".

There is no denying it that throughout the months of June and July there will be no escaping the World Cup atmosphere (unless you lock yourself in a Panic Room?!, something I seriously wouldn't recommend!!! LOL...) as this will be on the tips of a majority of peoples tongues, shop windows, flags on cars and lest we forget our favourite watering hole. 

'Oh God!' I hear you scream... It really is not that bad, trust me, why not take the opportunity and turn it to your advantage and give the the other half some freedom (just like some of my clients have already done) and book in some well deserved treatments or just simply get the girls together and have your own Pamper Queens Pamper Party?.

I had my first taster on Saturday night of how life might be throughout the next couple of months, with England V's Honduras. My partner had mentioned earlier in the week that as the game was only a friendly he wasn't too fussed on watching the game and that we could have an evening together watching BGT and catching up on recorded shows on Sky+, how wrong was this to be?!?!. No sooner had the BGT Final finished he whipped out the tablet on the arm of the sofa, earphones on, engrossed in the football and not a word spoken for the next ninety odd minutes!. But as I mentioned earlier, this came as a bonus as I could do/watch what I wanted and caught up on my recorded shows without being interrupted. Smile 

So ladies, remember, if England do manage to get to the World Cup Final and the improbable happens, (I'm not going to jinx it by say anything more,) no matter how much you may dislike football, get involved in this part of history and possibly once in a lifetime moment and join the nation in this wonderful achievement.

We Still Believe, We Still Believe...