The Secret Diary Of A Mobile Beautician


What does it mean to work as a mobile therapist?  I have to say I love it!  Working mobile means a far more personal service for aBeauty Treats By Natalie Car start. People have to welcome a complete stranger into their homes, they need someone personable and friendly.


I don’t just get to know them, I learn about their whole families!  Meet husbands who are fascinated by the various treatments their partners are having, what does that do?  How does that machine work?  Is that tanning machine the same as I use to spray my fence????  (The answer actually is yes, same gun and mechanism just tweaked to ensure you are more radiant than ronseal!)


Beauty Treats By Natalie Couch Kids!  I love meeting my clients children!  They know me  now and I know them, I love to be able to ask  them what they  have done at school, how their birthdays were and they like t  to help me with my    equipment and treatments.  I have a little  boy who helps push my trolly, one who likes to share his Beauty Treats By Natalie Trolley Haribo with me and another who is  desperate for his Mum to choose ‘bogie green’  nails!!!!



Beauty Treats by Natalie - Kitkat

Then there's the pets!  Many cats and dogs have introduced themselves to me and my equipment!  I've been spray tanning when a dog appeared through a flap in the back of the tanning tent - its okay he was brown coloured! Cats have been known to take a liking to my couch and many have sat in various bags and cases, leaving their scent which confuses my own cat no end when I get home!!


Lastly my clients themselves.  Its great to keep visiting you all time and time again,  having a gossip  whilst you have your treatments, talk about celebrities, holidays, moan about the other halves and eat homemade cake (you know who you are!). 


Seeing people on a regular basis in their homes means I think of you as my friends rather than clients which I love.  Swapping recipes, taking home magazines and getting given plants are just some of the things that we share, does that happen to salon therapists????