The Impact Of Networking And The Use Of Social Media For Like Minded Small Businesses

This is Beauty Treats first official blog, long overdue some of you might say!  I do apologise as I have been extremely busy since the Christmas period as my Gift Vouchers have been gaining in popularity and I have mainly written “short ‘n’ sweet” product reviews or general news on treatments/packages that are being released.

FacebookI’ve quickly come to realise, from sources that I will mention further on in this piece, that business is not all about me and what I can do for you but largely what benefits my services/products can do for my customers and mainly taking an interest in my fellow colleagues in a networking environment. This education has come by the way of regular BNI networking meetings together with sourcing other networking events, designed to promote businesses to their target market, through Social Media.

TwitterThe way I see it is like this, e.g. when buying a pair of shoes from a retail shop, the shop assistants first words are, 'can I help you?,’ what is your immediate response……? At a guess, nine times out of ten, you are inclined to say, ‘it’s ok, I’m just looking, thanks.’ Now if the shop assistant was to ask, ‘Hello, for what purpose are you looking to purchase a pair of shoes for?,’ (or something to that effect) I would be more inclined to engage in a conversation with the assistant as they seem to be taking an interest in me and my interests.

I feel this can be mirrored to a networking environment as nobody likes a person who literally introduces himself all the time as, ‘Hi, I'm Joe Bloggs and I specialise in this and that and the best in my area,’ but you are more likely to be remembered by someone who takes an interest in you first, asking open questions about their business this will then be reciprocated and hopefully an ongoing working relationship will be forged.

PinterestI’d like to give you a couple of examples on how this process I have adopted in networking arena has reaped its rewards and how it can improve your business awareness; Firstly, I have managed to team up with fellow florists Little Flo Flowers for Mothering Sunday offering flowers & gifts vouchers and Flowers by Zoe by recommending each other for business such as Wedding Flowers and Wedding Make Up etc… Secondly, I am now able to offer services, such as facials etc…, with high end products (TempleSpa) aswell as sell these products through a Temple Spa Personal Hub.

LinkedinWell what’s this got to do with Social Media I hear you say…?!. This is where a little more work is involved, thanks to Sales Scene – Social Media & Marketing Solutions (Caroline & Rob), on how to promote your business in the correct manner across the array of Social Media apps.

To give you a brief overview, the same principles basically apply as above, ‘it’s not all about me and what I can do for you,’ but again forging relationships with friends & family first and foremost, businesses and then potentially leading to an ongoing clientele via posts, through the simple use text instead of speech.

Social Media is a powerful tool for business awareness and when used correctly, you can also reap the rewards of these FREE marketing tools.

 Ask Questions, Be Engaging, It’s Not All About Me, Me, Me…..!!!

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