Hints ‘n’ Tips on how to slim your face using your everyday make up!

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I originally posted a daily tip on my Beauty Treats By Natalie - Mobile Beautician Facebook account but then had a thought, that, not only my followers but the rest of the world should benefit from this by putting it into a blog…

Defining A Wide Nose

Add a vertical strip of bronzer or brown eye shadow to either side and blend well. Apply a thin line of highlighter down the bridge of your nose to create a slender shape!


Create A Perfectly Chiselled Cheek Bone Look

Suck them in and see where they hollow - this is the area you need to darken slightly. Use a fan brush to apply powder 2 shades darker than your normal powder for a sharper look!


Eyebrows shape your face, draw attention to your eyes and give instant lift! Fill in any gaps with an eye shadow or pencil using small strokes, go lightly if using a pencil! 
Use a fluffy shadow brush to put highlighter under the brow to create lift! White powder can look harsh so stick to pearlised.


Everyone hates a double chin so firm up that jaw line with clever shading. Use a matte product that's slightly darker than your own skin tone to create a natural looking shadow. Sweep sculpting powder along the jaw line using an angled brush down the neck to avoid tide lines! 


Eyes are the window to the soul but they can also be an age giveaway with crows feet, hooded lids and sagging skin! Use matte cream eye shadow instead if shimmers to make skin appear smoother. Add a soft liquid line that angles upwards and load outer lashes with mascara to lift eyes.

I hope that you have all enjoyed these tips!?


Happy Make-Overing!!!