Ear Candling (Thermal-Auricular Therapy)

 Ear Candling (Thermal-Auricular Therapy)

Beauty Treats is delighted with the feedback, from her clients, that is being received on the Ear Candling treatment.

A recent client felt he was reaping the benefits, almost immediately, after his Ear Candling treatment from his Sinus problems.

Ear candling, also known as ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine practice to help improve general health and well-being. A hollow candle is lit at one end and by placing the other end in the ear canal (designed) to draw ear wax, moisture and other debris from the ear, acting like a chimney.

Ear Candling has many benefits, such as;

  • Helping with Sinus problems
  • Relief from Colds, Hayfever and Influenza
  • Reduces Stress and aids relaxation
  • Aids those who are frequent flyers
  • Helps with the Anti-Ageing process by relaxing the muscles

to name but a few, for further info visit waxing eyes face page.

 Ear Candling (Thermal-Auricular Therapy)    Ear Candling (Thermal-Auricular Therapy)